Our commitment to customer service goes out with every component we ship.  We feel this focus earns us the opportunity to build longstanding partnerships with our clients.  Some for as long as we have been in business.

Our staff will listen to your needs, understand your operations, and offer cost effective solutions to help you better focus on your core business activities and yield more profit.

Gavin T. Gallogly



Douglas R. Sebion



Craig “Chip” Cero

Vice President
Finance & IT


Jim Glockner

Expendables Executive Vice President


Kevin Lang
Regional Sales Manager

Nancy Brocker
Sales Support

Cindi Lavand
Sales Support

Stefan Shemaitis
Project Manager

Jane Holm
Sales Support

Pam Vecchio
Sales Support

Nate Waggoner
Regional Sales Manager

Chris Dundas
Sales Support

Julie O’Connor
Sales Support

Darren Black
Sales Support

Tiana Hardin
Director of PMA Business Development

Tony Romano
Project Manager


Terri Wood
Accounting Manager

Kathy Gilly
Accounts Payable


Bill Gallacher
Quality Manager

Cory Reisenbigler
Assistant Quality Manager

Chuck Krajewski
Quality Inspector

Linda Krajewski
Quality Inspector

Jim Novak
Quality Inspector

Glen Pepel
Quality Inspector


Brandon Juskey
Systems Administrator

Mitchell is ASA-100 certified and has been audited onsite by British Airways, FedEx, GOL, KLM and United Airlines among others.

Aircraft Parts Suppliers

Over the last number of years, we have formed two new business units; Mitchell PMA and Military and Defense showing our expanded commitment to the aviation industry and a willingness to evolve to meet the changing demands of our customers.