DAR Services

William Gallacher is the Q.A Manager and an FAA-DAR-T (Designated Airworthiness Representative – Maintenance) at Mitchell Aircraft in Cary IL and is the Q.A. Manager and FAA-DMIR (Cary Facility) for the Mitchell PMA division of the company

He has been authorized by the FAA to provide Maintenance DAR-T services, as described below.

Authorization (Function Codes)

180 – (Issue recurrent/original export approvals for articles.)

191 – (Issue recurrent/original airworthiness approvals for domestic shipment articles that conform to the approved design requirements and are in a condition for safe operation.)


Mr. Gallacher has been in the aviation industry for over 42 years. His career started in the Royal Air Force (UK) as an aircraft mechanic where he served for over 10 years.

Always within the aircraft maintenance industry he continued into civil aviation as an aircraft mechanic and progressed through to management positions within maintenance organizations of various major airlines & companies in the USA & Europe.

He has held an FAA A&P license for over 22 years and has operated an FAA 145 repair station for a globally recognized organization. His experience embraces a wide area of aviation in both civil and military aviation applications.

Mr. Gallacher is currently the Q.A. Manager at Mitchell Aircraft and provides FAA-DAR services. For more information on the DAR delegation please visit the FAA website: DAR 14 CFR part 183.33