Our PMA Promise

With over 30 years in the aircraft industry, Mitchell Aircraft now offers FAA-PMA approved alternate replacement parts to support the maintenance of airframes, accessories and interiors.

Our PMA selection offers airlines a unique combination of availability, reliability and affordability. By providing a level of service unfound in the industry, we take care of all client needs with a single point of contact. Working with us means airlines can avoid costly logistical issues and experience a seamless transition with every transaction.

OEM PNPMA PNDescriptionApplications
103688-1103688-1MITHinge AssyB727,B737,B767
103688-5103688-5MITHinge AssyB737, B747
103689-1103689-1MITSpring B727,B737,B747,B777
103689-3103689-3MITSpring B727,B737,B747,B777
113A7183-3113A7183-3MITWeight - BalB737NG
113A7183-5113A7183-5MITWeight - BalB737NG
113A7183-6113A7183-6MITWeight - BalB737NG
113A7183-7113A7183-7MITWeight - BalB737NG
113A7183-8113A7183-8MITWeight - BalB737NG
113A7183-9113A7183-9MITWeight - BalB737NG
173A5103-1173A5103-1MITWeight - BalB737NG
219818-2219818-2MITBolt-D HeadCFM56-2,-3,-5,-7 Engine Series
251A2439-1   251A2439-1MITSpringB737NG
293W2521-20293W2521-20MITBearing, SplitB737NG
52139-152139-1MITSpring, TorsionBombardier CRJ 700, 705, 900
80352-1080352-10MITSpring - CompressionB757-200PF,B767-300F,A300-600
AVL365-1AVL365-1MITPin - PipB737,B747,B757,B767,B777
14F0147-203 14F0147-203MIT Flanged Bush Embraer ERJ 170, ERJ 175
14F0148-20314F0148-203MIT Hinge BushEmbraer ERJ 170, ERJ 175
CDSP1900-501 CDSP1900-501MIT Fitting AssyAirframe
1898M56P01 1898M56P01MITShroud Propulsion


Quick access and fast delivery


As good or better than OEM


High quality at a reduced cost

Quality Standards

Mitchell reverse engineers, designs and develops PMA parts through an industry standard Test and Computation process.

By using required analysis and test data, we prove each PMA part is equivalent to or better than the original OEM part.

With Mitchell, you don't have to worry about a thing.

According to our customers, we take the hassle and worry out of handling transactions.

Working with Mitchell allows you to work on your core competency.

Let us know how we can help you operate more efficiently and profitably.

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