Let us take on the task of redistributing your surplus or excess assets.  We will deliver maximum value to you, and we will relieve you of the burden of sales, marketing, transportation and credit risk.

We can stock your products in house and ship direct, or set up a drop ship arrangement. Contact us to see how we can build a lasting partnership.

No matter the project or client, at Mitchell, we pride ourselves on doing things right. All products that leave our facility are inspected for quality and shipped with confidence.

See how we can leverage these strengths to offer you fast, reliable and cost effective solutions for all your repair needs.

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There is no better time to learn about the profitable ways your business can benefit from aftermarket sustainment solutions.

Let’s discuss how your company can create a predictable revenue stream that will sustain a product from the assembly line to its end-of-life. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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